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Mig Clothing Limited is a professional manufacturer in producing heated clothing, cooling clothing, motorcycle clothing, airbag jacket & vest, outdoor clothing, ski wear and other clothing in China. OEM and ODM are offered. 
As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, Mig Clothing Limited designs concepts and carries ou... [Details]

Phase change cooling vest
Evaporative cooling vest
Air conditioned jacket
Battery Heated Puffer Jacket
ASEAN nations are driving China's textile exports Mig Clothing
China as a garment manufacturing hub was not going to stop Mig Clothing
Apparel inventory of China goes beyond the warning line Mig Clothing
How much heat of heated clothing is needed in cold weather riding... Mig Clothing
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mig Clothing
  Heated Clothing
  Cooling clothes
  Motorcycle Clothing
  Airbag clothing
  Outdoor Clothing
  Protective Clothing
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